Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Apple iPhone 4 : Best exercise apps!!!

If you are a fitness freak, there is no dearth of material available to help you out. There are plenty of books, workout videos and diets that can help you to gain fitness. 

Now, with mobile applications, technology has come to your aid here as well. If you are an Apple iPhone 4 user there are some exercise apps that you can use to get fit and to lose weight. Here I'm listing the best exercise and weight lose apps that you can use on your iPhone. These interactive apps will make exercising a fun activity and will give you an added reason to go for Apple iPhone4 if you don't own one already.

  1. Runkeeper
    This application uses your iPhone's GPS to track your outside activities such as walking jogging, hiking etc and provides you with the details regarding how much calories you burnt in how much time. These activities are displayed on runkeeper website where you can compare your own progress with other users.
  2. My Fitness Pal
    This application tells you what your calorie intake should be. You can record how much you are eating and how much you are exercising and this app will tell you what you ideal calorie intake should be and whether you are taking more or less calories. This application is also available on Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation.
  3. Fitness Pro
    This is another exercise application available exclusively to iPhone users. This app gives you various workouts that you can do with or without gym equipments. You can easily learn different exercises with the help of photos and the text.

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