Friday, 3 June 2011

Top 5 touchscreen phones for 2011!!!!

Touchscreen phones are the most sought after phones these days.There are many innovative and user friendly touchscreen phones available in the market. The touchscreen revolution that started with the launch of Apple iPhone in 2007 has inspired all the mobile phone companies to come out with their own unique touchscreen phones. Four years later, we have many popular touchscreen phones in the market in all price ranges. Lets take a look at top 5 high-end touchscreen phones of this year-:

1)Samsung Galaxy S2

The latest and the best. Launched last month, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has zoomed past most other mobile phones in the market. With super attractive looks and latest features the phone has lived upto the expectations it had generated before its release.

2)Apple iPhone 4 

iPhone still remains the most popular touchscreen phone in the smartphone market all over the world. Apple iOS software is considered the best and has the most number of loyal users. The launch of  iPhone 5, expected to be out later this summer, is eagerly awaited by all Apple fans.

3)HTC Desire HD

This wide screen handset from Taiwanese giant HTC has done exceedingly well in the market. With many useful features, the phone has been a favourite among analysts and the users alike.

4)HTC Sensation

This is the latest and one of the most talked about smartphone that has been launched by HTC in the market. With Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS and the best hardware the phone generated lot of interest among the smartphone users.

5)Samsung Wave 2 Pro S5330

Cashing on the popularity of its predecessor, Samsung Wave 2 Pro S5330 has been doing well since its launch. This one comes with 3.7” touchscreen and a new version of Samsung's Bada OS.

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