Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Apple iOS 5: Announced at WWDC

All the Apple fans who were expecting iPhone 5 this summer, will have to wait a little longer. Apple has not announced the next generation Apple iPhone at WWDC that began yesterday. So one thing is clear that it won't be out by September as many of us had been expecting. What Apple did announce, however, was the next version of its operating system, iOS 5. Let me update you regarding the iOS 5 features that distinguishes it from the previous versions.

The iOS 5 is likely to come out in Autumn 2011 along with Apple iPhone 5. The iOS 5 will be compatible with all the recent Apple devices like iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod touch.iOS 5 introduces a new messaging service that will work between all the devices with iOS. Its similar to BBM service for Blackberry mobile phones. The users will be able to pictures and videos apart from the text messaging.

Twitter has been introduced with a single click option. Its fully integrated with different applications, that removes the need for signing in every time you want to download an application.

For software updates, users won't be require to plug-in to their PC. Also, for updates, the users won't be required to download the whole OS, instead they can download only what has changed. Moreover, users will be able to create iOS calendars and mailboxes.

With iOS 5 Newsstand feature, you will also be able to download the newspapers and magazines, the way you are used to downloading music and books.

Many other features are expected and will be updated as soon as they are announced.

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  1. I can not wait for the news on the next generation. I am currently stuck with the 3Gs but ready to upgrade now - not going for the 4, although all my mates are on it but want to wait for the 5 for sure.

    Been looking around the web for contract deals etc and not found too much but here is a link that may be useful.