Monday, 13 June 2011

Blackberry Playbook: Things you need to know!!!

Blackberry has finally entered the tablet market that is largely dominated by Apple. Blackberry Playbook is set to launch in UK on 16th June. So if you are a Blackberry fan, you have a reason to rejoice. Here is all that you need to know about about this latest device from Blackberry-

  1. Blackberry Playbook has a 7” screen that makes it smaller than Apple iPad 2. This makes it easier to carry but at the same time it sacrifices the display size. However, the screen uses the impressive LCD technology and has a resolution of 1024x600.
  2. It has dual core 1GHz processor and 1 GB RAM that makes multitasking easier.
  3. The company has developed a new operating system, Blackberry tablet OS that is used in Playbook.
  4. The device has Adobe Flash 10.1 that will allow the users to easily view all the sites that require Flash.
  5. The device has a 5 mega pixel camera at the back that allows you to take photos and shoot videos in 1080p. It also has a 3 mega pixel front camera for video chatting.
  6. You will be able to integrate the tablet with your Blackberry phone. This means you will be able to look in the tablet, all the stuff you have on your phone. So if you already are a Blackberry user, this device will complement you phone.

Blackberry Playbook is a feature rich device that is ready to take on iPad 2 along with HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab. This device suits you all the more if you use a Blackberry phone as that will give you the access to some really good features. However, if you don't use a Blackberry phone, it may proved to be a limitation when you start using Blackberry Playbook. 


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