Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2: Best Apps!!!

It was difficult to think of any other phone that could match Apple iPhone's popularity till the time Samsung Galaxy S2 arrived. This phone comes with various pre loaded applications. And now there are more and more applications that are available in the Android market that can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S2. Lets take a look at 5 of these applications-:

  1. Evernote
    This application allows you to store quick notes in the form of text, audio or screen shots that you can refer to later. This application organizes these notes, indexes them and makes it easier for you to get back to them.
  2. Go SMS
    Go SMS is a free SMS application that can be used alternatively on any Android phone. Apart from all the features of the default sms application, Go SMS has some additional features, one of them being the pop up window that makes it easier for you to read and reply to messages.
  3. Silent Time Lite
    This is a useful application for students and professionals. It puts your phone on silent mode based on the time rules you set. So no more worries about your phone ringing when you are in a meeting!!! 

  4. Its a personalized radio service that allows you to stream music on your phone.
  5. Movies
    This is a useful application for all the movie buffs as it allows you to find movie timings and order tickets. This app, provided by flixter, also allows you to watch trailers of the latest movies.

    Though Apple iPhone 4 apps are still considered the best but it faces some serious competition from Samsung Galaxy S2


Monday, 30 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 : 5 reasons you should buy this phone!!!!

Its been hardly a month since it was launched in UK, Samsung Galaxy S2 has made an impressive start. The phone was one of the most awaited smartphones of this year along with the HTC Sensation and is giving tough competition to Apple iPhone 4. The phone has become quite popular among the smartphone users. Here I am listing 5 reasons for which you should go for this phone if you are considering buying a smart phone.

1)Looks and the design

I have said it in my blog before that this is simply one of the best looking devices that you will find. Its sleek, thin, light weight and has an attractive mettalic finish.


Samsung Galaxy S2 has the bigger screen compared to other smartphones that are available in the market. Its 4.3 inch screen uses super AMOLED plus tech. No toher phone matches Galaxy S2 when it comes to brightness, colors and saturation.

3)Processor and the Operating system

Its 1 GHz dual core processor gives it a fast speed and makes multi tasking so much easier. Further, it comes with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS which is the latest version of Android OS available.


The phone comes with an 8 mega pixel camera and is capable of recording at 1080p HD quality and gives excellent images. It also has a two mega pixel front facing camera that can be used for video calling.

5)Web browsing and email

Due to its faster processor, the device can download at a speed of 21 mbps. It has an email client, much like Honeycomb, that makes this phone unique.

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs HTC Sensation

Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation are the two most popular smartphones in the market at present. Though, by far, Apple iPhone still rules. But these are the phones that can give some serious competition to iPhone. Infact, if we compare these phones with Apple iPhone, feature by feature, they will come out on top. But lets not discuss iPhone here and instead lets try to compare these two phones and see which is the better one.

Both Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation has the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. Both have 1.2 GHz processors. So there is nothing to choose between the two here. However, Sensation comes with dual LED flash and higher resolution (540x960) compared to Galaxy S2 that has 480x800 resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S2 has 1 GB RAM while the Sensation has 756 MB RAM. If we talk of camera, both have 8 mega pixel rear camera. Though Galaxy S2 has a slightly better, 2 mega pixel, front facing camera compared to Sensation's 1.2 mega pixel camera.

Galaxy S2, at 8.49 mm, is really slim compared to Sensation that has 11.3 mm of thickness. In fact its one of the slimmest phone available in the market today. Its not only slim but its light weight too, weighing just 4.1 ounces. Its competitor, however weighs 5.2 ounces.

Another major difference in the features that deserves a mention is the huge storage capacity that Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with. With 16/32 GB, it comfortably beats HTC that has 1GB of storage capacity.

If we base our judgement on above features, Samsung Galaxy S2 does seem to beat HTC sensation. However, what you choose depends on your preferences.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Blackberry : For eternity !!!

Despite the growing popularity of Android based Smartphones and the ever increasing competition from Apple iPhone, Blackberry continues to be one of the market leaders among the smartphone manufacturing companies. Lets take a look at some of the most popular Blackberry phones in the market today.

1)                  Blackberry Torch 9800
This is one of the latest phone from Blackberry. Coming with latest Blackberry 6.0 operating system the phone has huge memory space and 5 mega pixel camera.

2)                  Blackberry 8520 curve
Blackberry 8520 curve is 3G enabled phone with QWERTY keyboard. The phone comes with all the latest features and has proved to be a success in the market.

3)                  Blackberry 9300 curve 3G
Blackberry 9300 curve 3G is a light weight device and is an upgraded version of Blackberry 9300 curve 3G.
4)                  Blackberry Bold 9780
With Stylish dimensions, latest Blackberry operating system, TFT screen and QWERTY keyboard, this phone is quite popular among users.
5)                  Blackberry Pearl
Blackberry Pearl is one of the finest and best selling models from Blackberry. Like most Blackberry phones, this one comes with many functions that make it suitable for business purposes.

Blackberry phones, particularly the qwerty models are quite popular among smartphone users. Blackberry phones are known for their secure server and are most preferred phones in the corporate world. Though, it is fast changing and Blackberry is becoming popular among all kind of users. However, it will have to continuously come up with new innovations to face the growing competition from companies like Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG etc.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

HTC Sensation vs Apple iPhone 4: Can the newcomer take on the icon?

The recently launched HTC Sensation has generated quite a buzz in the market and has been receiving positive reviews from all sides.Now, looking at its features, we already know its a powerful phone that the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer has come up with.But can the newcomer stand its ground and emerge a winner if we bring it face to face with iconic Apple iPhone4? Lets try to compare these two phones that are, in a way, incomparable!

HTC Sensation is coming with the latest version of Android OS (Gingerbread) which is powerful and popular in the market. Apple iPhone 4 is powered by the company's iOS that is still believed to be the best operating system by many.HTC sensation has 768 MB RAM which makes multitasking easier and  is better than iPhone4's 512 MB RAM.

If we talk of display, its difficult to beat iPhone 4. Apple iPhone 4's 3.5 inch LED screen gives a colour rich and amazing quality display.HTC Sensation has a bigger LCD screen (4.3 inches) that gives good quality display but it falls short when compared to iPhone 4's display.

HTC sensation, at 148 gms, weighs little more than Apple iPhone4 that weighs 137 gms. But its Sensation that looks more strong and durable.

HTC Sensation with its 8 mega pixel camera with dual LED flash is definitely ahead of Apple iPhone4's decent 5 mega pixel camera.

Based on the above features its not difficult to conclude that HTC has come up with a winner in HTC  Sensation. But then you cant ignore the fact that iPhone4 is nearly one year old and has done excessively well in the market. Moreover, iPhone 5 is expected to be out in September!

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Android : All about me!!

Android fans eagerly await the regular updates of this hugely popular mobile operating system. Android OS, being used by so many smartphone manufacturers faces direct competition from Apple iPhone that comes with company's iOS. With latest update of Android OS being announced by Google this months, lets take a brief look at all the upgrades that have been introduced since its launch.

Android 1.0 and 1.1

Android was launched in 2008. Though this version couldnt match the Apple iPhone 4 but it had all the major features.

Android 1.5 cupcake
The first update came in May 2009 with many new features. The most important being the introduction of virtual keyboard. Video recording was also added to the camera.

Android 1.6 Donut
In October same year, the second update came with some improvements. With support for CDMA, Android was introduced to a new market. 

Android 2.0 and 2.1 Eclair
Android 2.0 arrived in November 2009 and in January 2010, 2.1 Eclair was introduced. Though Eclair did not introduce any new features but it fixed a few bugs. Flash and digital zoom was introduced in the camera settings.

Android 2.2 Froyo
Froyo, introduced in May 2010, was the first major upgraded version of Android and it became hugely popular. Android went one step ahead of iPhone with the introduction of flash.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread
With Gingerbread, the single core phones were able to run those applications that have been designed for dual core processors. A number of shortcuts were also introduced on the onscreen keyboard.

Android 3.0 and 3.1 Honeycomb
Honeycomb, announced in May 2011, has been introduced for tablet computers. It has introduced support for USB flash drives into your tablet that allows you to to transfer files to a computer without connecting to it.

Android Ice cream sandwich
Ice cream sandwich has been announced in May 2011 and its version number is not known yet. This version is expected to bring Gingerbread and Honeycomb together on one platform.

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2: some useful apps!!

Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most popular smartphones in the market today. Rated high in looks and feel, with many claiming it to be better than Apple iPhone4, the phone has found many takers. Nobody questions the view that it is one of the best looking phones in the market today. But, here, let me take you through the applications that this phone comes with. These are a few really good and useful applications that you will find in this phone.

Task Manager
Task manager application is quite useful as it lets you see what applications are running in the background. That helps you in saving the battery by closing the applications not being used.

Polaris Office
Polaris Office, is a pre-installed application in Galaxy S2 that allows you to edit documents on the go. With this application, you won't face the difficulties being faced by iPhone users while opening or editing documents.

The Hubs application includes a social hub, a music hub, a readers hub and a games hub that you will find really useful. The social hub brings all your social circles together. The music hub makes available huge amount of music and allows you to choose and download your favourite music any time. The gaming hub allows you to download free games and is a good application for gaming enthusiasts. Similarly, the readers hub lets you search and download your favourite books. 
its not only the Apple apps that's gaining attention .....but the galaxy Apps are also coming up !!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Apple iphone 4 : Best Apps

There are over 3,00,000 applications available for iPhone 4 and many of them are free. Apart from the most popular ones like facebook and skype, there so many other applications that are used by iPhone users. Lets take a look at five of these applications.

  1. Dropbox is a free application that allows you to transfer content between your computer and the phone. This application enables you to access files on your computer and download them so that you can view them offline.

  2. The train line
    This application is very useful for those who travel by train. You can see the time tables and plan your journey accordingly. Though, it doesn't replace National Rail Enquiries but is quite convenient to use.

  3. Kindle
    For all you book lovers, Amazon's Kindle is an application that gives you a great reading experience and a huge selection of books to choose from. And that's the reason that despite the arrival of iBooks, this application remains popular.

  4. Around Me
    Around Me is an application that helps you to find where you are and locate all the nearby places. This application is particularly useful when you are at new places.
  5. Dictionary.com
    This application helps you improve your vocabulary. The application is really fast and includes audio pronunciation.

Apart from these, there are countless other applications that are available free of cost and enhances you iPhone experience. 
Apple is continuously working to make its users satisfied..... surely there is lot more to come !!!

Motorola Atrix vs LG Optimus 2X

Motorola Atrix and LG Optimus 2X  are two of the world's first handsets that come with dual core processor. Both the devices are more or less similar in looks, feel and size. Lets compare these handsets and see how they perform against each another.

Starting with the processor, both the devices are android-powered and are coming with dual core processor. There is not much to choose between the two here. But the difference lies in the RAM where Atrix, with its 1 GB RAM, scores over Optimus 2X which is coming with just 512 MB RAM.
Talking of the display, both have 4 inch display screen. However, Motorola Atrix comes with a resolution of 540x960 pixels that gives it an edge over LG Optimus 2X that is coming with 480x800
pixels of resolution.

The storage space is another criteria where both the devices exceeds expectations. Optimus 2X comes with huuuuuge 40 GB of storage space (8 GB internal and 32 GB of MicroSD slot). But guess what.... Atrix beats it with 48 GB (16GB internal and 32 GB via Micro SD slot).

LG Optimus X with its 8 megapixel camera and LED flash is certain to give excellent and better quality pictures than Motorola Atrix which comes with 5 mega pixel camera (which by no means bad).

If we judge these two on the basis of above features, the Motorola Atrix does have an edge LG Optimus 2X. However, there is little to choose between the two and price is the major factor upon which your choice will depend.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

BlackBerry Playbook - A revolutionary slate from Blackberry

BlackBerry Playbook is an awe-inspiring tablet and consists of astonishing attributes and an equally attention-getting design. The black color of this marvelous tabbing device make it seems classy. Blackberry is making amazing high end mobiles that are immensely popular all over the world. Now, this Canadian technology firm has entered the extremely competitive  tablet computers market. This amazing tabbing device scores well as per its performance is concerned.

This widget is already  giving tough competition to all its rivals such as Apple iPad and much more.  This spectacular widget hosts several high end specs. Multiple tasks like gaming, fast web browsing ,viewing videos, movies and cloud computing are also possible on this gizmo. The gaming and web browsing facilities are of specific interest to the young consumers as they are fond of multitasking on handsets and tablets.
This tablet is also helpful for businessmen or professionals as it consists of the attribute of accessing E-mails on it. Apart from these brilliant attributes, the existence of Blackberry Playbook deals adds to the ever growing popularity of this fantastic product. These deals are available for all Blackberry products like Blackberry Bold 9780 deals,Blackberry Torch 9800 deals, etc. The appearance of this gizmo is also noteworthy. It appears elegant and comes win in classy black color.

Blackberry Playbook comes with a high resolution 7" screen which is appropriate for a tablet PC as it is bigger than a smartphone and makes this gizmo very portable.  The screen of this fine piece of art utilizes the LCD technology and deliver users an impressive WSVGA resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.  You will be astonished by the response of this touch screen as it reacts accurately and rapidly resulting in memorable users satisfaction. That's not all as this slate also supports multi touch which will just sweep you off your feet.

HTC Flyer vs Apple iPad 2 !!!

Apple iPad 2 and HTC Flyer are the two most popular tablets in the market today. I'm trying to compare these two tablets here. So if you are planning to buy a tablet but is confused which one to opt for, this comparison may help you decide.
Lets start with the design. Apple iPad2 with its 9.7” display is bigger as compared to HTC Flyer that comes with 7” screen. Apple iPad2, with 8.8 mm of thickness is quite thinner than HTC Flyer. But if we talk of weight, its HTC Flyer that is lighter. Considering these features, its HTC Flayer that is more portable. But Apple iPad2 has the advantage of thinness.
Talking of display, HTC Flyer beats iPad 2 with its better pixel density. However, Apple iPad2 with its 9.7” touchscreen gives you a better movie watching experience.

The camera quality is certainly better in HTC Flyer. Its 5 megapixel rear camera and an additional 1.3 mega pixel front camera is set to give you excellent images. Apple iPad2 has improved as compared to its predecessor, but it doesn't match HTC Flyer as far as camera quality is concerned.

Coming to the processor, Apple iPad2 with its 1GHz dual-core A5 chip is at an advatage when compared to HTC Flyer that comes with 1GHz single-core processor. But unlike Apple iPad2 that has 512 MB RAM, HTC Flyer comes with 1 GB RAM.

As far as the software is concerned, its not easy to compare the two. The reason being both these devices use completely different operating systems and no matter what, Apple fans will swear by its latest version of iOS. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

HTC Sensation Vs Apple iphone 4

HTC is setting new benchmarks with its latest handset HTC sensation. With this handset, HTC sensation has gone a step ahead of hugely popular HTC desire. HTC sensation gives direct competition to Apple iphone4. Combined with the latest hardware and the software, HTC sensation has been receiving positive reviews from analysts. Lets see how well HTC Sensation does against one of the most popular phones in the world.

HTC sensation comes with the latest version of Android where as Apple iphone uses company's iOS. A direct comparison is difficult here, considering both the operating systems have had tremendous success in the market.

Apple iphone4 comes with 1GHz processor and 512 MB RAM wheras HTC sensation with its 1.2 GHz processor and 768 MB RAM can beat any handset available in the market today.

Apple iphone4 with its 3.5” LED screen gives amazing display. HTC Sensation is not far behind with its super LCD display but its difficult to beat Apple here.

HTC Sensation with its 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash is all set to give you better quality images compared to iphone4's 5 megapixel camera.

HTC Sensation is a handset that with its latest features beats iphone4 on several parameters. Its a powerful device but is it powerful enough to shift the loyalty of Apple fans? That remains to be seen. and especially when Apple iphone 5 is Awaited !!! 

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Apple iphone 4

Samsung Galaxy S2 that was released this month in UK is the first handset by the company that comes with dual core processor. Claimed by the company as one of its best products, how does this phone perform when compared with Apple iPhone 4 that is hugely popular, not only in UK but all over the world and has already carved a niche for itself in the market. Lets bring these two devices together and see how they compete with one another.
Weighing just 117 g and with just 8.49 mm of thickness, Samsung Galaxy S2 is thinner and lighter than not only Apple iphone but almost all the smart phones that are available in the market today.   

If we talk about the storage capacity, both Galaxy S2 and iphone 4 have 16/32 GB storage capacity but galaxyS2 comes with micro SD slot of upto 32 GB that gives it an advantage over iphone 4.

Samsung Galaxy uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread whereas Apple iphone4 uses its Apple iOS.Galaxy S2 offers 8 megapixel camera that once again gives it an edge over iphone4 that comes with 5 megapixel camera.

Looking at the above features, Samsung Galaxy S2 does seem to be on top. But why I would refrain from declaring it a winner is, firstly, both the devices are using different operating systems and it is difficult to compare the two. And secondly, iPhone 5 is set to hit the market in September that may just change the rules of the game once again.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

HTC Incredible S : Beyond the Expectations !!!!

The HTC launched  its  HTC Incredible S android phone in the UK market this year hoping to repeat the success it had in the US market. Isn't the use of the word 'incredible' itself generates high expectations? The phone really needs to standout to live upto its name. Lets see what this phone is all about.

Talking about its design, opinions differ. In my view, the phone does have an elegant contoured design as claimed by the company on its website. However you may or may not agree with my opinion, depending upon your preferences. So what I would suggest is to get a first hands experience before you form an opinion.. Yes it is different from its sibling the HTC Incredible. But does it go beyond HTC Sensation is a big  question!!!!

However there cant be any split opinions when it comes to the screen. Its 4” super LCD screen with TFT technology gives you an excellent experience with images, videos and gaming.

The phone comes with 8 mega pixel camera and a high definition video recorder. You will get excellent quality pics with its camera.

It has 1 GHz processor that makes your online experience really fast. In fact, good web browsing experience is one of the key features of this handset.

Another thing that will impress you for sure is the smooth interface that you will find while using all the applications. 

Now coming back to the question, does this phone live upto its name? My answer would be a resounding yes. This phone is a market leader in its segment. Just make sure that you like the design and this is a phone that you will be proud to own.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dazzling piece is here : HTC Droid Incredible 2 !!!

In the booming Android  phones market HTC presents its new droid operated smartphone. HTC Droid Incredible 2 is  here. The droid operated smart phones are spreading in the market ,their Google integrated interactivity and incredible features may back as a reason. HTC has this tendency to stand out from tits competitors; league by making its product all the more appealing. Supposedly they have done the same with Droid incredible 2.

 Glittering outlook
Its beautiful screen, Slim body and fast features makes it all the more wannable.  The 4.8 by 2.5 by 0.5 inches Body weighting 4.8 ounce droid  has rounded edges. the 4 -inch glass capacitive touch screen has 480-by-800 pixel resolution. the on-screen keyboards is easy in both the  landscape and portrait modes.
  Sounds Amazing!!!
 The handset is a dual-band EV-DO Rev A (850/1900MHz), quad-band EDGE (850/900/1800/1900MHz), and dual-band HSDPA (900/2100MHz) device with 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. 
HTC incredible 2 is a global  device, enabling one to receive voice and data signal in over 200 countries,out of which in 125 countries it get you the 3G speeds.
You can also use the phone as a modem fro up-to 5 devices with  its Wi-Fi hotspot mode attachment. HTC has come far way  from its HTC Incredible S and  this time come up with major add on .

Software and Interface

If you are not the guy who does not flatter on the looks but wants substance this is the set for you.
The first thing in our list is a second-generation 1GHz Snapdragon processor. this latest processor also aid the phone's speed, but its 768MB RAM boost gave task navigation a quick push . It also comes up with Wi-Fi Wireless-N connectivity. You can thus summarize that its thoroughly a powerful machine. 
Boasting Android 2.2 with the latest version HTC sense provides you with the best experience in the smartphone market.  In the browser courtesy of the phone's flash support  you can watch videos, Any changes in a scene can be saved and can have multiple personalities on Droid Incredible2. Its own siblings such as HTC Thunderbolt, HTC inspire 4G  HTC Sensation  were also as good as this set in terms of interface.

HTC has done a remarkable afford not letting any stone unturned . Lets hope Droid Incredible 2 enjoys a  warm welcome in the market.

Monday, 9 May 2011

HTC Sensation : Phone sensibly crafted!!!!

HTC has come up with its new baby in market,and again HTC has maintained their quotient of style with technology.

HTC  sensation is already in news and making much of sensation in the market.The phone was much awaited handset and is doing far good from its start.It is fully loaded with features without any compromise in technology and speed.

HTC  has never compromised in terms of style and this time too they have left no stone unturned.The handset is  sleek ,light and handy.With  feathery weight of 148 grams and 126.1 by 65.4 by 11.3 mm  as  dimension, it is no less than a masterpiece.And not to forget the capacitive gorilla screen adds durability to the handset

The handset runs at 2.3 android operating system which has already proved itself.With 1.3 GHz of proceesing speed  you will face no problem at all.with google map and one touch facebook application the phone is is proving its wider sense of applicability.

3.MEMORY larger than ever!!!!!
The phone comes with  internal memory of  1 GB.With  whooping 32 GB  
of card memory you can  now store as much music and picture as ever. 

CAMERA of the phone is again a much talked about feature.It  has a 
8 mega pixel camera  with  resolution capacity  upto 3264 by 
2448,which will give better zooming options.The camera also 
has additional features like geo tagging, touch focus, face 
detection ,instant capture  and image stabilization.What more can 
you  ask ????? this is surely going to be best choice among the ones 
who love to photography.

The phone is well versed with technologies like GPRS,3 G, WLAN and 
BLUETOOTH.Other devices can  also be connected  to the set with the 
help of micro USB port.

HTC comes with the standard lithium battery  but with a stand by time of 
350 hours.And off course you can be in touch with your loved one  with  8 hour  of talk time.

So all those who are bored of their exiting handset and want to buy 
something truely good and  economical,
surely HTC sensation is the best choice.

Here Comes the HTC Wildfire S

Here comes the "HTC wildfire S"

The much awaited HTC wildfire S has arrived. The phone has already become favorite among all ages.HTC wildfire S is compact,stylish,fast and all that what you can desire for yet at an affordable price.

THE super phone is though small in size yet is fully loaded with dazzling  features of any other smart phone available in market.

Impressive Features:
1.     HT brings new robust gorilla screen!!!
With 3.2 inch gorilla screen and 320 by 480 pixel resolution, watching pictures videos and multimedia will be a delight to eyes.
2.     Low Cost GINGERBREAD
The handset is  first of its kind  to have used low cost gingerbread with android and meeting all the high ends.But don't worry about the quality since HTC has maintained its standards and there will be no complains regarding the speed of processor.
3.     Error Free Typing now .......
The keypad comes with a landscape which makes typing faster and easier. Delete the cumbersome word from your vocab and provide ease to your typing senses. Now enjoy hassle free  typing which was not possible in earlier handsets.
4.     Two  is  Better Than One....
There are more to come. As it is incorporated with amazing android 2.3 interface, the handset has two menus, one regular and the other which one uses frequently. Yes its true, now one can create his own menu with applications that are used more like messaging or camera.
5.      Provides Amazing Picture quality: 
With no shutter button and 5 mega pixel camera talking pictures will be more fun now.
6.     Friends at just a button away !!
HTC has taken communication to the next level as you can access facebook and other social sites more easily.You can even tag your pictures and more with just a phone.Surely this phone will help you to stay connected anytime everywhere.
7.     THE 'S' with a Edge !!!

This SMARTPHONE  comes up  with all latest features which one looks in any business phone.Its features scores the upper technical edge. But still is east to us.The HTC wildfire S comes in three most beautiful colour options ..... what one needs more ......Lets see how wildly this HTC's  fire spreads.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Apple iphone 5 arrives .......

It Was  not long time ago when Apple iphone 4 arrived. Masses accepted this 'Glassy' with open arms and heart. As the phone  was released  simultaneously the announcement was made for the White Apple iphone 4. People waited and yes Apple got a bit extra time to deliver to its promise. Now we have the ivory set amongst us but on the Same time Apple has unveiled the Apple iphone 5. Soon this new Tablet will be available in the market.

Heavy clouds of rumors are hovering all over. Lots of anticipation has been made regarding its release date, its features and its  looks. but nothing seems to have been confirmed from Apple.

Lots of speculations about the features are oscillating around iphone 5. Thi time it feels as if Apple wants to really jump high and elevate the standards of tablets all the more further.
Some of the most talked about features that we might see in Apple iphone 5 are:

1. Update your phone being unplugged !!

Get ready for over-the air updates i.e. you no more need to plug the smartphone into a computer  for updating the operating system. it would ge possible over the web (wireless). It would be great advancement in the field of tablets.

2. iOS 5

The real update that the people are really looking for are  the implementation of iOS 5 in the iphone5 . This would really make the operating system upgraded. Apple is expected this time also to launch its new piece of work along with a new software .
3. 3G to 4G

iphone 5 will definitely come up with 4G. It will also provide the accessibility to the ultra-high-speed networks. Though it has been talked that may be Apple not be able to get 4G for this phone. They say this would be expecting a little more than required.

4. Why to squeeze the screen ????

There has been the rumor that the screen of the iphone 5 will get a little bit smaller, but its hard to realize the logic behind it if the 4.3 inch display is doing a lot of good in the market. These rumors cropped

5. Near-Field Communications
Near-field communication functionality has been a part of iPhone 5.But if the talks are to be believed the technology might not be coming for iphone 5 as Apple believes that the market is not prepared for it.  p
6. iphone 5 will come with different prize.

 That's  for sure that iphone 5 will come with a different price tag it might be higher or lower than its previous sibling.The buzz about the price has been talk of the town .

7. The Glassy surface

No doubt Apple iphone was the best looking tablet. but the complains were in the market regarding its fragility.So we may have a Aluminum base tablet this time ,