Wednesday, 25 May 2011

HTC Sensation vs Apple iPhone 4: Can the newcomer take on the icon?

The recently launched HTC Sensation has generated quite a buzz in the market and has been receiving positive reviews from all sides.Now, looking at its features, we already know its a powerful phone that the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer has come up with.But can the newcomer stand its ground and emerge a winner if we bring it face to face with iconic Apple iPhone4? Lets try to compare these two phones that are, in a way, incomparable!

HTC Sensation is coming with the latest version of Android OS (Gingerbread) which is powerful and popular in the market. Apple iPhone 4 is powered by the company's iOS that is still believed to be the best operating system by many.HTC sensation has 768 MB RAM which makes multitasking easier and  is better than iPhone4's 512 MB RAM.

If we talk of display, its difficult to beat iPhone 4. Apple iPhone 4's 3.5 inch LED screen gives a colour rich and amazing quality display.HTC Sensation has a bigger LCD screen (4.3 inches) that gives good quality display but it falls short when compared to iPhone 4's display.

HTC sensation, at 148 gms, weighs little more than Apple iPhone4 that weighs 137 gms. But its Sensation that looks more strong and durable.

HTC Sensation with its 8 mega pixel camera with dual LED flash is definitely ahead of Apple iPhone4's decent 5 mega pixel camera.

Based on the above features its not difficult to conclude that HTC has come up with a winner in HTC  Sensation. But then you cant ignore the fact that iPhone4 is nearly one year old and has done excessively well in the market. Moreover, iPhone 5 is expected to be out in September!

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  1. HTC Sense will never be beat ! HTC/Android has widgets which the i Phone does not have. i Phone is a teenagers phone. The only thing i phone has over it's competitors is better marketers & this is coming from a Photographer that owns several Apple computers. i Phone is just a overpriced i Pod touch that you can make calls on. Buy 4 i Pod touches for the price of a I Phone. HTC FOR THE WIN !!!