Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2: Best Apps!!!

It was difficult to think of any other phone that could match Apple iPhone's popularity till the time Samsung Galaxy S2 arrived. This phone comes with various pre loaded applications. And now there are more and more applications that are available in the Android market that can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S2. Lets take a look at 5 of these applications-:

  1. Evernote
    This application allows you to store quick notes in the form of text, audio or screen shots that you can refer to later. This application organizes these notes, indexes them and makes it easier for you to get back to them.
  2. Go SMS
    Go SMS is a free SMS application that can be used alternatively on any Android phone. Apart from all the features of the default sms application, Go SMS has some additional features, one of them being the pop up window that makes it easier for you to read and reply to messages.
  3. Silent Time Lite
    This is a useful application for students and professionals. It puts your phone on silent mode based on the time rules you set. So no more worries about your phone ringing when you are in a meeting!!! 

  4. Its a personalized radio service that allows you to stream music on your phone.
  5. Movies
    This is a useful application for all the movie buffs as it allows you to find movie timings and order tickets. This app, provided by flixter, also allows you to watch trailers of the latest movies.

    Though Apple iPhone 4 apps are still considered the best but it faces some serious competition from Samsung Galaxy S2


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  1. How to change the background color of the text messaging, as it's pretty hard to see the text letters while I'm typing?