Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Best Gaming Phones......Sony, Blackberry or Motorola

Mobiles are no more devices which were used for contacting. They have entered the domain of gadgets. The camera embedded, android based and possessing the astonishing combination of inbuilt features and Apps. That enable the user enjoy the gaming experience. Every company is targeting the gaming population.  They are bringing in their players on the upfront competition.  We are happy to so much option when it comes to playing.
But right now it seems as if the companies like Sony, Motorola, and Blackberry are bringing in their fighters.
From Sony we have Sony Xperia Play, Motorola brought Motorola Xoom, and Blackberry is getting up with Playbook. It seems that the gladiators are on the battle field. Comparison has been done by various sites and the by various experts.  The consumers interested in gaming knows what exactly they want and are ready to explore more
Some other mobile phones which are rank holders when it comes to gaming experience with mobile are  as follows:-
1.       Apple iphone4
2.       Spice X-1
3.       Samsung Google Nexus S
4.       Nokia N8
5.       Dell streak
6.       Motorola Droid X
7.       HTC Evo 4G
8.       HTC Desire HD
9.       LG Optimus 2X
10.   Samsung 1900 Galaxy S
 But for Hardcore Gaming   will Mobiles phones and the android monsters will ever be able to beat
Gaming Consoles  and PSP/PSP2 ??????????????????

Thursday, 14 April 2011

HTC Sensation.......The multimedia Super phone

It seems as if evolution phase for HTC is over . Now HTC is ready to present its admirers with variant surprises.We had seem  HTC desire HD, HTC wildfire, HTC incredible S and now it has come up with the  HTC Sensation.
Before 3 years HTC was a small company and now its new "sensation" is making news. Review at different sites are collectively showing good picture of the handset. Its classic design and contoured glass edging, feels great in your hand. HTC Sensation has to compete with  strong competitors  such as Samsung Galaxy S2. SGS 2 has more inbuilt memory 8Gb, 1Gb of ram, better screen, longer battery, thinner and lighter than Sensation.On the other hand the 8 mp camara with 1080p video recording and easy to handle capacity makes it hard to ignore.
Comparison are ought to happen.Options and choices are many before Customers. On every vertical- display, memory, data,sound,camera, other OS features this phone stands good. The much awaited wait will be over  by this month end . Many price comparison sites are offering its pro sale and are doing good for the time. But the real picture will only get clear only after the Sensation will get intact to our touch. The sensation Of  HTC Sensation will prevail or vanish is still unanswered question.