Monday, 30 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 : 5 reasons you should buy this phone!!!!

Its been hardly a month since it was launched in UK, Samsung Galaxy S2 has made an impressive start. The phone was one of the most awaited smartphones of this year along with the HTC Sensation and is giving tough competition to Apple iPhone 4. The phone has become quite popular among the smartphone users. Here I am listing 5 reasons for which you should go for this phone if you are considering buying a smart phone.

1)Looks and the design

I have said it in my blog before that this is simply one of the best looking devices that you will find. Its sleek, thin, light weight and has an attractive mettalic finish.


Samsung Galaxy S2 has the bigger screen compared to other smartphones that are available in the market. Its 4.3 inch screen uses super AMOLED plus tech. No toher phone matches Galaxy S2 when it comes to brightness, colors and saturation.

3)Processor and the Operating system

Its 1 GHz dual core processor gives it a fast speed and makes multi tasking so much easier. Further, it comes with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS which is the latest version of Android OS available.


The phone comes with an 8 mega pixel camera and is capable of recording at 1080p HD quality and gives excellent images. It also has a two mega pixel front facing camera that can be used for video calling.

5)Web browsing and email

Due to its faster processor, the device can download at a speed of 21 mbps. It has an email client, much like Honeycomb, that makes this phone unique.

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